August 16th, 2017

Oh Mic! - You Know It's True

byMic Manaras

‘You Know It’s True’ is just a whole lot of fun. It’s the comedic, satirical voice inside me pretty much making fun of my sometimes serious tone, my videos, my beliefs and the world around us; it was an opportunity to show my lighthearted side while still getting the message across.

It pretty much wrote itself, the super upbeat vibe had no place for anything too serious or overthought. And even though it comes across that way, the message behind it did come from somewhere real, somewhere very honest. Topics like nutrition, commitment, free speech and sex can get very serious and are all catalysts for great debate.

The point of the song is yes, life can get pretty complicated, but since we’re all dealing with the same types of issues, why not just laugh about it! Let’s not let it beat us up, let’s just understand we’re all in it together. If there’s one thing my blog has taught me it’s there’s a lot of us out there who really feel the same way about lots of things. Our stories may be different, but we learn very similar lessons; why not celebrate how alike we actually are?

The honest approach has taught me to embrace whatever I say and not regret. If it came out a certain way, then that’s just what it is. This song reflects the importance of shooting from the hip and speaking from the heart; it may not always be pretty, but it’s always going to be real.

The video is my take on the ADD world of social media and how sensory overload is how information is now distributed. Whether it’s FOX News, CNN, an infomercial or a Facebook video, HUGE, easily digestible buzzwords deliver a high impact message, and if you want a little more there’s usually subtitles so you can read it at work!

I figured why not poke fun at the ever-so-effective format and make a video of pure madness. I’ve slipped in some really goofy messages and I feel like the energy really complemented the song.

I hope you enjoy ‘You Know It’s True; it’s high energy, so please turn it up! (or just read the subtitles…)