July 18th, 2017

Oh Mic! - Happy Alone

byMic Manaras

“Happy Alone” is a really special song because it was the first to be completely written in studio. I usually have the meat and potatoes written beforehand but at the pace we’d been recording at, I just couldn’t keep up. So I used it as an opportunity to try a new approach!

With nothing but good vibes and absolutely no preconceived notions as to where we wanted the song to go, David, Antoine (The Lost Boys Producers) and I just started jamming. Within a few minutes I played the main guitar pattern and off we went!

It felt really relaxed and had a definite summertime feel, but when the lyrics came out it was quite the opposite. I didn’t want to overthink anything so we could just let things happen, so we went with whatever felt best, first. “I woke up today, I don’t wanna see, anyone” felt so perfect and so dark, in a funny way, in contrast to the music.

The lyrics never really come out of nowhere, they’re ideas always floating in my subconscious; I really do love my time alone because it gives me the freedom to think and create. The song turned into a testament of being content with myself and my solitude; although the lyrics sound miserable, the contrast of happy music and “na-na-na’s” tells the story of a person who’s perfectly happy doing their own thing, despite how crazy people might think they are.

The whole thing was pretty much written and recorded in the first day, so it gave us time to have a little extra fun with the production. We sang a bunch of gang vocals and added some goofy instruments like humming wine glasses, a mason jar and a champagne bottle. I really think you can feel the energy come thru on this one.

The freedom to create without limitations was something I learned to appreciate in this studio session. Like I said earlier I usually come in with a song ready to go, but I’ve realized it can create limitations in the studio because I already have an idea of where I want it to go. Therefore the less structure I bring allows for a lot more magic to happen.

“Happy Alone” opened the door to a whole new process of writing that encouraged collaboration and really took the spontaneity of my writing style to a new place.

Without overthinking it, a song emerged that perfectly represented my headspace; the contrast of my happiness and the perception of others.

I’m really happy with how it came out and I’m very excited for you to hear it!