June 11th, 2017

Oh Mic! - I Can't Wait

byMic Manaras

I like to see myself as an outsider looking in, unnaturally observant while never really taking part. As I start to write about the music I’m making or my writing in general, I’m realizing the subject matter has a recurring theme, conveyed through different observations stemming from various points in my life.

“I Can’t Wait” is the classic story of a guy who meets a beautiful girl, and the idea of them together inspires him to do whatever it takes. The picture perfect image in his head is his holy grail, the idea of him showing her off to his friends, his parents, and most importantly his followers means he’ll put up with just about anything.

She sure is pretty but she doesn’t treat him really well, but that’s just a small price. She cancels on him a lot and she’s super late when she doesn’t, but that too is no big deal. Anything to capture just a single moment, post it to his digital scrapbook, and raise his stock in virtual reality.

She obviously isn’t too compelled by him, but he provides nice outings, great for content, and he’s got a solid following too, so this is the best she can do for now. Her stock is definitely on the rise, her family’s so proud she’s with such a go-getter, she’s living the dream.

As the outsider looking in, I see this couple out for dinner, 10-take selfies, perfectly positioned food pics and riveting conversations made up of awkward silence and scrolling. I can just imagine their profiles, you’ll see even more of just that, glamorous destinations, Sunday cuddling and bottomless mimosas. They look like the perfect couple, or the exact replica of every other perfect couple.

“I Can’t Wait” is my fascination with this idea, the obsession to appear exactly like everyone else, or from another perspective, blending in to the point of complete obscurity. You probably think I’m going geezer-mode talking about how social media is creating this weird hybrid world, but actually I’m not. I think social media is just an evolution of what people have always done.

When I see that young couple talking about nothing, they’re sitting next to a couple in their 60’s; she’s all done up, pearl necklace; he’s drinking 25 year old scotch, 50 lbs overweight. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership which embodies “the true meaning of success”. You’ve seen them, sitting there, in silence. Same formula as the young couple, different, more up-to-date variables, same obsession to mimic every other success story in their demographic.

When I wrote the initial riff last summer, it felt really retro, and I wanted write something that was as current as it was timeless. The lyrics pretty much came out on the spot and the essence of the song was built around the compelling human need to create the perfect CV, the perfect profile, the perfect, most indistinguishable illusion.

So much time and dedication to craft perfection it eliminates any possible trace of personality. Isn’t the true beauty of being human our imperfections? Didn’t every great historical figure fight to the death for change? I have no clue why most people don’t follow that. Well, maybe I do, but I’ll write about some other time.