July 3rd, 2018

Oh Mic! - I Come Around Back To You

byMic Manaras

This song had no plan. I’d been working with David and Antoine from the Lost Boys Productions for months non-stop at this point and the recording process was now effortless and confidence was at an all time high. We had already recorded about 8 songs, most of which came from ideas I voice memo’d or demo’d on my own but I wanted to go in the direction of Happy Alone; just get a vibe going and make it up as we go. There’s a certain kind of magic in working that way. 

So that’s what we did, we watched a bunch of B52’s videos, listened to some 80’s new wave stuff (that’s where the boys introduced my to a song called Making Plans for Nigel by XTC) and went back and forth on YouTube and Spotify just playing songs. The energy in the studio was right where it needed to be. That’s when Antoine gave me the cable and I plugged it into my Jaguar, and I started playing this power chord rhythm that just felt right. He immediately hit record, he looped it and off we went.

It’s a super simple chord progression with a huge Phil Collins-like drum loop over it, and for some reason it just felt so early 2000’s. It’s weird but the nostalgia wasn’t just in the sound, but more so in the way it felt. It felt like I was skateboarding in the summer, in Arizona where I used to spend my summers with my family. Watching horror movies, ding dong ditching with my brother and that amazingly light, happy feeling you get when you think back at those specific moments in time.

In the back of my head I had been meaning to write something nostalgic, something that could transport me to a simpler time, and this was the perfect song. The melody just fell into place and the lyrics were a fun throwback to old shows and movies I used to love (and still do). I didn’t have to overthink anything because the feel of the song was already saying what the song was about. We threw in some surf guitars, a synth bass and a time warp bridge and that’s all it was. Effortless.

The video for this was the perfect complement to the song and Steven Ward really hit it out of the park. It started when I wanted to put a mouth on a toy of Fox Mulder and have him sing the song, but with Steven the idea evolved into my favorite video so far. We chose a bunch of clips fom my favorite old movies and Steven managed to, like a surgeon, put my mouth on everyone’s face, at the perfect angle to create the ultimate goofy throwback video, and of course it was a dream sequence.

I really love this song and every time I listen to it I feel like I’m 14 again! (even though I wrote it when I was 30)