July 12th, 2018

Kimbal Musk: Real Food is the New Internet

I heard about Kimbal Musk (yes, Elon’s brother) on Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey, and when I was looking him up I found his TedxTalk about food being the new internet. He came from tech in the 90’s but transitioned into food in the early 2000’s. His goal is to bring nutritious whole foods to the every day person at low costs. And it doesn’t involve mass production of food, it’s all about creating a farming ecosystem within communities; nourishing the community and the earth as a result. According to Kimbal, this hybrid age of farming and technology will be the next step in our health and evolution.

He also goes on to say that if you missed the opportunity of the internet in the 90’s, that’s just fine, because when it comes to the future and endless possibilities, food is your best bet and you’ll be contributing to helping the world! Solid stuff.

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