October 24th, 2017

Why Idiots Succeed

byMic Manaras

It’s simple, because they ignore “smart” people. Let me explain.

If you’re like me, you overanalyze, look too deeply into everything and usually find very logical reasons to avoid doing a lot of things, or saying a lot of things; pretty much living life. The millions of micro-calculations measuring levels of potential perception by others can keep us locked in our tracks, forever.

I guess it’s the curse of being too self-aware; what’s disguised as intelligence actually hinders growth. Because we’re too aware of x, y and q we unknowingly build a comfortable cocoon, like a prison for ourselves.

It took me years to even become aware of this, but as I ventured into the world of asking questions and holding myself accountable for my situation, it finally dawned on me.

We all know that crazy uncle, that relentless car salesman, that YouTube sensation, that Austrian bodybuilder/American leading man/Governor, even that President.

Polarizing figures, definitely, but say what you will about each of them, they all have something in common: They made things happen.

How can I, the deep thinker, the intellectual, have so much trouble just starting when these seemingly dull, less introspective thinkers achieve so much?

Well that’s the trap.

I really think the idea of “smart” is connected to loads of education, fear of societal perception and general information overload. The more we have the ability to learn, the more we dive in. What a beautiful thing, right? But just like anything, too much isn’t good.

Too much information can create complexity where none is needed. It’s one thing if you’re becoming a surgeon, but if you’re trying to write a book, or get in shape or start a business, by the time you’re done with all the YouTube videos and niche books, you’ll have one foot in the grave.

While I was obsessing over Facebook ads and Google campaigns for example, the other guy started playing shows, built a real local audience and got signed. Meanwhile I’ve spent time and money with no tangible result.

While Jenny was hyper-focused on photoshoots, perfect hashtags and follow-backs to build her fitness business, Jill started doing yoga classes in the park every weekend and has built quite the business.

And while Donnie was taking acting classes at the most prestigious acting school in New York, where he had to take a loan and work three jobs to pay for, Arnold flew in from Austria, auditioned, and became the Governor.

I’m sure you get the point.

Every example is the same. While us “smart people” devise the ultimate game-plans, the “dumb people” fearlessly march ahead, get started and build on it.

Who’s the idiot now?

The people who get things done do so because they ignore perception, whether they mean to or not, they buckle down and they go. None of the people I mentioned above were overnight successes, rather an example of a consistent grind into an unplanned world. The only reason they reached such great heights is because they started a long time ago, but you only heard about them once they broke into the mainstream.

And what’s their super power? Belief.

The fact they believe so much in themselves is the key to their confidence, their consistency and their inevitable success. They didn’t rely on endless books, or classes or tutorials, even though many are written about them. Those books are just a documentation of their history, those people just went with the flow, followed their gut and made things happen.

Following someone else’s story is destined for failure, because it’s someone else’s.

And that’s what we can really learn from anyone who’s ever made it, they believed, they buckled down, and they ignored what people thought.

So does this perceived notion of intelligence, formal education and self-awareness actually prevent action from taking place, create insecurity and hinder growth? Sounds like it. The result of this school of thought is a frustrated army of “intellectuals” who can’t evolve, who ridicule anyone challenging traditional routes, or those too dumb to even understand it.

It took me a while to figure out, but in a world where all the smart people stay locked in their cozy cocoons because their mathematics can’t predict the future, I much rather be the idiot.

Are you an idiot? I hope so!

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