October 11th, 2017

My Strategy Social Media Growth: Focus on Real World Impact

byMic Manaras

Lately I’ve gone back to the drawing board trying to figure out how I’m going to approach my music, my blog, my life… So I’d like to share exactly where I’m at with it, literally.

I spent the better part of the last 6 months working on an online strategy in an attempt to build my brand. The whole idea was to build momentum via a super honest blog with the primary goal of exposing people to my true passion, music, and derivatively, my hobbies: fitness and absurdist humor.

The first 3 months were pure fire. I put some money behind the blogs thru facebook and they were getting shared like crazy, and my page likes were exploding. I wrote blogs, then made a loose video version for each of them, up to 2-3 per week. Meanwhile I was in studio twice a week writing and recording original songs that I was releasing every 2nd week, along with a lyric video.

Content machine right? Well when I was in the flow of things, it was pretty effortless, and fun too. Especially when the ads were turning into such huge amounts of likes and shares, I felt like I was on the right track and people seemed to be digging me too!

I’m now speaking in the past, “I was on the right track”? What happened?

Well after 3-4 months of crazy content rollout and tons of likes and shares, I wanted to step back and see what was really going on. I can’t complain about the work ethic, it was fuckin’ on point. But I did realize I was getting carried away with the amount I was spending on the ads, without having ever adjusted my strategy from day one.

I guess I liked the feeling of likes, and turned a blind eye to taking the time to analyze what I was really doing. But once I stepped back, I asked myself if all this facebook traffic was bringing me closer to a career in music; the answer was no. When I asked myself how long I could blindly keep throwing money at ads just for the sake of vanity, it was clear that it wouldn’t be too long until I’d need to win the lottery to break even…

Shit. What have I been doing?

The way I see it, when you start a business, you need to invest time and money. I did both, and I’m continuing to do so. Sure I spent a little more than I had to, but I also built an amazing audience of blog fans. A lesson learned and the overwhelming confirmation my writing is relatable; double win! And I went 3 months experimenting with a purely online approach, not 3 years.

I’m a little wiser now, and very proud of where I’m at. But the best part of taking the time to stop and think, and break the routine is the ability to adjust. And I’m super pumped!

How did the other dudes and dudettes build their online audiences anyway? Because I did analyze and model myself after a bunch of my favorites.

-Great content: I’m very proud of my work and its evolution, so check! -Consistency: Check!

-Money: Actually they were mostly broke, so they invested time, not so much money, so not really!

-Time: Hmm, I’ve always had tremendous difficulty with this one, but whether I like it or not, it’s part of the formula; it takes time! So I have to accept it. I thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing, but I might not have been concerned with time enough actually. Investing blindly for an eventual return needed to be more focused.

So is my new approach to do exactly what I was doing and just spend less money? Kinda, but not exactly.

I’ve separated blog and music and I’m treating them as their own individual branches of the “Oh Mic!” business; that’s one adjustment. Now the biggest thing I was missing, and probably the reason I was obsessing over online growth, had nothing to do with online at all!

The real world. Yup.

It’s a magical world out there, where real life humans of all shapes, sizes and experiences roam the lands in pursuit of… all kinds of things. I was never fixated on social media growth purely for the numbers, I legitimately strived to get my music and writing out to as many people as possible, I love it! But I did fall in love with the idea of being the nerd behind the screen able to create the perfect formula, one where I’d fill stadiums and top best seller lists without ever leaving my apartment.

Another lesson: being out and about, connecting with people, playing shows, public speaking, networking, collaborating; I did none of that and literally left the human aspect out of it.

I’ve got a little money in the bank, yes I do, but without the real world component, I might as well split it all in two and mail one half to Mark Zuckerberg and the other to Dr. Google, or whoever’s over there, you know what I mean.

All kidding aside, I’m excited again! It’s like a fresh start where my online work ethic will remain, however a whole new world of possibilities has opened up.

Instead of purely relying opportunities stemming from my mega-audience of the year 2049, I’m going to start knocking on doors today, introducing myself, booking shows and agreeing to strategies and scenarios that make me queasy in the comfort zone department; because honestly that’s what this is all about.

It’s easy to show off some fancy social numbers and justify myself to other people, but it’s not easy to say it doesn’t mean shit until I pound the pavement and make real stuff happen.

I write, I make music and I’m a goof; kinda tough to build a career without leaving my damn kitchen.

See you soon!

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