August 23rd, 2017

Why I Never Got Anything Done

byMic Manaras

I officially started my blog in May of this year and things seem to be going well. I’m getting great web traffic and my Facebook likes are on the rise. While I have no doubt in my ability to convey a meaningful message I do doubt I would’ve been able to get as many eyes on my blogs if it weren’t for a little help from my friends.

Although I do profess the importance of alone time in order to gain perspective and peace, I also strongly believe in order to make things happen, regardless of what it is, it takes great people with great skills to complement our own. For example I can write blogs and songs and make videos, it’s my craft, however I’m not a marketing expert or a web designer or a producer.

But this wasn’t obvious for me and it took me a long time to realize. I was always very motivated to do things, and since I was usually the creator of the idea, I believed I had to control everything too. Whether it was my band or a business idea, I didn’t want anyone touching anything; I had to be the creator, the marketer, the salesman, the engineer, everything…

Guess how far that got me?

As hard as I seemed to work, nothing really ever got off the ground. How could it? I was spinning my tires in every direction and what always ended up happening was I’d start a project, or countless projects, get really excited about them for a little while until they eventually lost steam and got shelved.

Songs didn’t get finished, my band never gained much traction, projects at work were lost in the dust and it became the story of my life; “Mr. Starts things and doesn’t finishes them.”

So what changed? What was the turning point for me?

I got to a point where I was just fed up with never reaching any goals and it really started to haunt me; I just wanted to prove to myself I could finish something I started. Around this time I was fed up of my unhealthy lifestyle and I knew things had to start there.

So I quit the party scene and hit the gym. Naturally I didn’t need a trainer because I was the expert, but months went by and I didn’t know why I wasn’t seeing any results. That’s when I remembered something my dad did for me when I was just a little kid. I was the worst skater ever when I was a little guy, and I guess after my dad couldn’t bare to watch me swim on the ice anymore he signed me up for power skating lessons; 6 months later I was scoring goals!

How had I completely forgotten about that? Well what if I get a trainer for a little while? It was totally out of my comfort zone but he taught me great fundamentals and not long after I was seeing results. I didn’t know anything about nutrition so I asked questions, lots of them. I really sucked at golf so I took a few lessons at the beginning of the season and my game improved tremendously.

I started to understand there were so many people out there I could learn from. At work I brought on consultants to help point out things that weren’t obvious to me, and they sped up projects way better than I could’ve imagined. I asked tons more questions, I learned to use YouTube as a teacher.

For the first time I began to understand the idea the world is made up of all kinds of different skill-sets who can complement our own. Together they could help us bring our ideas to the next level without having to stay up all night, every night, and actually get things done within this lifetime!

The idea I could do things all by myself would entail I was an expert in all domains, I can see now how stupid a concept that is.

It’s been a few years since my acceptance to let go and work with others. Things move so much faster, so much more organically and it’s no longer like pulling teeth. Projects are getting done, I’m finishing songs, I’ve got a website, I feel great… There’s still a lot to learn, but I’m really enjoying the progress.

Going back to the idea at the beginning of this blog about how I had a lot of help to get me to reach your eyes here today. The importance of others in our equation, whether it’s work or family or anything, is the magic part of the recipe I didn’t understand for a long time.

People make the difference, this world is filled with them, each with their own special, unique gift. The more I’ve opened myself to the opportunity of working and learning from others, the more I’ve seen things happen I could’ve never fathomed.

Trying to control every moment, not allowing others to provide their true value was a very limiting state of mind.

I’ve come to understand I possess a specific ability, as do we all, but without others’ specific abilities combined, my idea will never see the light of day. It’s allowed me to understand my strengths and more importantly my weaknesses. And by knowing where I fall short I can pass on what I’m not good at and focus on what makes me special.

You’re reading this blog right now because I learnt a lot of things from a lot of people over the years, and it’s allowed me to get these words in front of your eyes. If I remained the micromanaging expert I was back then, I wouldn’t be writing this, you wouldn’t be reading this and I’d be scratching my head about why “World Changing Idea #2453” never got off the ground.

I have total faith that if I focus on what I’m good at, and be great at it, amazing people will come my way and together we’ll be able to do unbelievable things. I believe we all have something special to offer, if we can just focus on it the rest will just fall into place.


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