August 14th, 2017

Does My Mindset Create My Reality?

byMic Manaras

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately, how much is my overall quality of life impacted by my outlook?

The world I live in is the world I know, is it also the world I’ve created for myself?

Ok, I know I’m “grey-zoning” pretty early on, but bare with me and let me see how I can voice what I’m trying to explain, or at least try to figure it out?

There are things in life I’ve always assumed were good, and others, bad; some things absolutely positive, and others, negative. This particular mindset is definitely reflective of the world I live in and without ever really having thought about it, I’ve more or less accepted it.

Alright, so what am I getting at?

Well, I’ve started to question what exactly makes things bad, or negative. Is it because I was taught a certain way, is it a societal thing, or is it just easier to say things are plain, old bad? Have I been blindly accepting things as negative because I’m just innately lazy?

If I do in fact have the ability to create the world around me, then have I consequently been building a much less fruitful existence for myself, in terms of positivity potential? If I lazily label or accept things as negative, then I really do believe so.

Looking back over the last few years, I’ve made some pretty radical changes in terms of lifestyle, career and my general mindset. I stumbled upon the positivity train mostly by accident; I truly felt I need to change my life around and the only way to keep myself motivated in the short term to achieve my long term goals was to keep an unbelievably positive mindset.

No matter what happened to potentially discourage me along the way, I treated it as a lesson, a source of wisdom to give me the strength to keep powering through. I knew I had to have everything on my side to break out of my hamster wheel. I had to be mentally clear, so I stopped drinking; I had to be physically strong, so I hit the gym; I knew I’d be met with criticism, so I had to be unreasonably positive.

However the positivity didn’t come as naturally as I just made it sound, it took me years to understand. For a long time I viewed any opposition as negative, and I treated it as such. I was relentless, forceful and in turn, created a very negative existence for a very long time.

Why does it feel like I’m swimming upstream in what feels like a never ending stream? If I’m doing everything in my power for very just, positive reasons then why is everything so negative?

And the reason is, and completely independent of what I was literally trying to accomplish, I was simply viewing things as negative… If I continued to perceive anything and everything that wasn’t on the same road as me as negative, then I was going to have a hell of a time. I was literally creating a world around me where everyone was against me; the fact I believed that made it a reality.

If I believe things are negative and they create a world of negativity, what if I do the opposite and try to find the positive in everything?

Opposition at work? An opportunity to better communicate my cause. Fear from family members about my career move? A display of love and the innate need to protect those they care for, very understandable. Losing a ton of money? A lack of comfort creates an outstanding amount of resilience and motivation, and without its fuel I wouldn’t be writing this blog. I’m sure you can see what I mean…

I’ve just started to tap into this mindset, and in terms of relationships and opportunities, things seem to be headed in the right direction. It seems the idea of positive vibrations resonating, pulsing and attracting the world around us, is the real deal.

Doesn’t it make sense though, if I walk around thinking the world is out to get me and I’m alone in this, then it’s what I’m putting out there, and it’s absolutely what I’ll receive. I can only speak for myself and I haven’t conducted any studies other than myself, but when I had the negative mindset, things were definitely negative, and lonely.

The moment I started viewing everything as a source of positivity, despite how horrible it may sound, feel, or be, things changed for me. (I also touched on this in my blog “The Gift of Tragedy

Newton’s third law of motion of classical mechanics states “to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction”. Wouldn’t that imply every negative would have an equally positive reaction? I like to believe so. It also makes me think about positive actions having negative reactions… Well… More opportunities to turn negative into positive!

Is a simple shift in perspective powerful enough to make life more enjoyable, more effortless? If our vibrations pave the way for the path we create, I really believe we can change things for the better. The exercise of revisiting things we’ve accepted long ago as being constant negatives and reevaluating them can create a whole new version of the world we’ve always known.

Well it’s what I’m doing, and either way, the simple idea of being more positive is reason enough for me!


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