August 8th, 2017

Don't Take My Word For It!

byMic Manaras

If you’re new to my blog, welcome! If you’re back, then my words are happy to see your eyes again!

Now that I think about it, most of my writing is setup like a sitcom; every blog represents a particular experience in my life, or an episode. Its simple, digestible format consists of a brief introduction, followed by the presentation of a pain point or a struggle and resolves on the bright side of the fence with a lesson learned.

Its clean, black or white nature presents sound logic and sometimes even a flair of entertainment value.

However I’m here to say… Please don’t take my advice!

When I made the decision to start writing just over two months ago, it was under the pretence I’d share my experiences, and what I thought I learned, as brutally honest as I could in order to build a relationship with an audience of like-minded thinkers.

I could’ve never imagined so many people thought and felt the way I did, and the overwhelming support is a testament that honesty goes a long way; and there’s tons of us out there!

So thank you!

But why am I asking you to not take my advice?

Quite simply because I’m not trying to give advice! I’ve received lots of messages and comments thanking me for the advice, and I’m always appreciative, but I’m not here to tell anyone what to do; not only am I not qualified but my blog is meant for sharing experiences and shedding light on the real.

The more we experience, the more we can learn and I’m just going with the flow! I don’t have the right to give advice and that’s why I’m sharing my stories, merely to put out honest stuff to show how much I appreciate what my experiences have taught me. Sharing my anecdotes to hopefully make people feel like they aren’t alone in their thoughts.

Everywhere we look, we only see the good side; very few people really talk about the ugly stuff. But it’s the ugly stuff that makes us who we are! So I’m so happy to share it, because it made me who I am.

I’ve spoken about a range of topics so far and I’ll continue to do so, but the most significant common denominator is simply experiencing. Without experiences there’s no real way to learn. I can read 1,000 books about writing a blog, but until I sit down and actually start writing and posting, then all those books are nothing but advice. Same goes for the topics I’ve discussed so far.

Now it’s going to sound like I’m giving advice now…

Whether it’s right, wrong, good, bad, underprepared, over-prepared, as long as we experience something, then there’s an awesome opportunity to learn something. As long as we experience we get to look back and reflect, form our own conclusions to adapt and adjust as we go.

So that’s why the title of this blog is “Don’t Take My Word For It!”, it’s a celebration of taking risks, going with our guts and trying things for ourselves. Those experiences are the only way we can build our characters. And my blog isn’t here to tell anyone what to do, more so to encourage others to share and demonstrate how despite our differences, we’re all going through very similar things; we’re not alone.

And so like the sitcom ending, where the main character figures out what the episode taught them, here’s what I’ve learned…

Wait, what did I learn from this blog?

I’m not sure actually, ironically this isn’t the standard format I discussed above, this is more of a message to my friends! Maybe I’m learning to step out of my comfort zone with a different approach to blog posts, who knows!?

Regardless, thanks as always for stopping by, and long live experiencing!


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