November 11th, 2017

Annihilate The Routine

byMic Manaras

Been a little while since my last blog and I’m finally cool with that. It was burning me for a while because I had this innate guilt and disappointment in myself for not churning out 2 or 3 blogs a week like a had been previously.

I think it’s the idea of breaking a routine that promotes that kind of feeling. The routine is, well routine, work is done, it’s comfortable, it feels accomplished and time flies. Why would I break that routine then?

My routine was comfortable, and consistent and I really felt great for a while, but I knew I had to change it up; it didn’t quite feel right. If I was being honest with myself, which is hard when in the loop, I would have realized I was just repeating a similar pattern for too long without stepping back for perspective, resulting in an endless time warp leading nowhere. So I relaxed on the blogging.

About a month or so after that, when I finished the 15th song in the studio, I was going to book a session for that 16th. Unlike the blog, which I chose to slow down on, I hadn’t quite made the decision or even the acknowledgment for a plan for the music. Obviously, releasing a new song and video every 2 weeks was completely unsustainable and wasn’t bringing on the traction I’d hoped for; it was bankrupting me too! To boot, the last 2 songs I wrote were less than stellar, so I think my soul was just tired.

During that time, the routine annihilation, I wasn’t at my best. I felt like I was losing focus and I didn’t have the same motivation I had months prior. And without the tangible proof of productivity, blogs and songs, I felt shitty.

But I plowed on, continued to work out, enjoyed my morning coffee, checked in with my side projects. I got into a routine of chilling; like a vacation. After a little while the stink of guilt was wearing off. I wasn’t phased by my lack of productivity anymore, I was starting to realize how much I had actually done and felt pretty damn good about it.

My mind was in a fresh place. I was no longer looking at my lack of work, but contrarily what I could do with the work I’d done; it was great stuff that I was so proud of!

I had enough songs for a show, for an album? Yes! I could actually sell the collection of songs at my shows, and I recorded acoustic versions so actually had 2 albums worth. And it would be an opportunity to compile my songs as a full album on Spotify, because the fans I do have have are kind of annoyed that the songs aren’t grouped together.

Ok, so it’s time for a website update, I need a store, because maybe my music videos can convert people to my site and potentially sign up or even better, buy something! But before I setup the online store, I’m going to play a show! Well I don’t have anything to sell but my buddy Trinh booked me at his Totem Academy (a school for personal development)  and 20 people signed up to see me. Before I start printing stuff I can finally see if a bunch of strangers will even give a shit about my weird conversational acoustic act!

This is where my mind was at, it was all over the place again; excited. I played that show, which turned out amazing.

It was clear now I wanted my website to be about showcasing my music, making it as easy as possible for people to hear my songs and watch my videos. And my blog? Well the blog was now going to be a complement to my music, not the driver, if people wanted more, it was going to be there, just not up front and center.

This took weight off my shoulders for blog writing and created a new project in V2 of my website, merchandise and most importantly, live shows!

So as I do, I called my buddy AMJ (Andrew Johnson my marketing dude)  in a manic state for a hyperactive retelling what I just explained to you to setup a meeting with our website guy Maxime (Swoo) .Not surprisingly, the meeting couldn’t be had at that exact moment, duh, so I had to wait a week.

But that’s when the magic happened…

I was contemplating whether or not I’d talk about what that week allowed me to conjure up, because I think it’s fuckin’ epic. I’m not going to say too much, but I can say a whole new component to my website will be incorporated that I believe can do a substantial amount more than my blog alone could ever do!

So look at that, full circle; from blogging and recording like crazy, to slowing down, to creating a more impactful version of what it originally represented, to printing records… I know it’s a mouthful, but it’s currently 9:26 am, pre-coffee, and I’m juiced!

I think it’s important to go hard in whatever direction feels right. Going so hard can only last so long because we eventually burn out, which creates such an uncomfortable feeling, there’s really no choice but to start asking questions to gain perspective and inevitably make a move.

As hard as it was to take that break, and live temporarily in a world of nonsensical guilt, time allowed my brain to relax. The more I relaxed, the more I started appreciating and seeing opportunity versus the complete opposite.

Morning blog complete. See you next time!


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